Actions 2020
The Environment

The pandemic originated significant inactivity periods in different business sectors. As a result, it has considerably reduced our performance capability. However, we now describe the actions that we have taken and the new challenges that we put us as a result of our renewed enthusiasm. Once again, none of the taken steps would have been possible without the driving force of this company: each and every staff member.

SDG Workforce actions
ODS6ODS9ODS11ODS12ODS13ODS15 Thanks to our own desalination system, we have reduced our water consumption from the municipal water supply.
ODS2ODS12 We continue cultivating vegetables and fruit trees, medicinal and aromatic plants, based on organic farming criteria.
ODS12 We continue producing compost from our pruning produce to fertilize our gardens.
ODS15 We continued offering our guests a guided visit through our hotel gardens while the hotel was opened.
ODS2ODS3ODS12 We continue to include organic products as part of our gastronomic offer.
ODS11ODS12ODS13 We have verified our carbon footprint for the years 2017 and 2018 through AENOR (an accredited entity and seal registration) following the methodology set in ISO standard 14064:2012.
ODS11ODS17 We have actively participated in the Tourism Sustainability Working Group created by the hotel association Ashotel.
ODS6ODS7ODS9ODS11ODS12ODS13ODS15 We have implemented an environmental management system to obtain the certificate according to ISO 14001 standard and the EMAS Regulation.
ODS3ODS11ODS12ODS13ODS17 TAll CIO Group companies collect plastic caps to support the project “plastic caps for a new life” fostered by the foundation “Fundación SEUR”. Through this initiative, we help children with serious health problems to smile.
ODS3ODS12ODS13 Reduction of paper consumption. The digitalisation of work reports, uniform delivery control, PPE, access control and documentation download via online forms and QR codes.
ODS9ODS11ODS12ODS13ODS15 We have extended the selective collection of office paper to all companies by an authorised manager for its recovery and subsequent recycling.
ODS7ODS9ODS11ODS12ODS13ODS15 We contract green energy from renewable sources to reduce the carbon footprint of all our hotel’s facilities.
ODS3ODS12ODS13 We have reduced our paper consumption by digitalising all hotel menus, several brochures, using tent cards or posters with QR; all of it is linked to the health safety programme.