Actions 2020

The pandemic originated significant inactivity periods in different business sectors. As a result, it has considerably reduced our performance capability. However, we now describe the actions that we have taken and the new challenges that we put us as a result of our renewed enthusiasm. Once again, none of the taken steps would have been possible without the driving force of this company: each and every staff member.

SDG Workforce actions
ODS8 We continue congratulating our staff members with birthday greetings.
ODS8 We continue applying our incentive policy aimed at recognising the best-valued staff by customers and the company.
ODS8 We continue congratulating births and expressing condolences on the death of the family units of our staff.
ODS3ODS8 We continue offering special prices to all Grupo CIO staff members to purchase Fuentealta water.
ODS3ODS8ODS11 We continue offering hotel employees exclusive bicycle parking within the hotel facilities.
ODS8 We offer our staff discounts for purchasing products from our hotel’s drug stores.
ODS4ODS8 We carry out a continuous training programme for our Grupo CIO staff.
ODS3ODS8 We have implemented a specific training programme on Covid-19.
ODS8 We have renewed our special accommodation rates at Hotel Bahía del Duque for family members and friends of our employees.
ODS8 We offer our staff special car rental prices.
ODS8 During the months of activity, we continued broadcasting our channel #SomosCIO in all the Group’s rest areas. It is aimed at connecting the whole of the CIO family by delivering corporate, leisure, social and environmental information.
ODS4ODS8 We continue developing training plans adapted to individual job needs during the months we worked.
ODS8 We offer our staff discounts at Disa petrol stations.
ODS3ODS8 We have developed and implemented a specific anti Covid-19 contingency plan for our establishment. In addition to what the ICTE (Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality) protocol establishes, it has higher coverage and stronger requirements in terms of prevention, hygiene and safety aimed at our staff health.
ODS3ODS8 The staff training plan is in line with our specific action protocols to combat COVID-19 in our establishment.
ODS5ODS8ODS10 We have introduced flexibility, work-life balance and remote working policies.