During a year of inherent transparency to Corporate Responsibility we show again to which extent we consider to have achieved our commitments whilst being honest with ourselves.


Are addressed to all stakeholders in general.

1. Defining a CR policy for Grupo CIO.

Our first step is to assume that we need to have a responsibility policy defined in our company.

2. Creating a CR Committee comprised of people from the different companies of CIO.

We commit to creating a CR committee, which will ensure the organizational model is followed. For us, it’s another unwavering pledge which helps guarantee the motivation of the CR plan.

3. All companies will define their strategy and CR action plan in line with CIO.

Each of our companies must have their own strategy on CR, adapted to their reality and sector with which to build an implementation plan in due time. Furthermore, this strategy will be aligned with the fundamentals and principals of CIO’s strategic plan on corporate responsibility.