Commitments to
our employees

Our aim is to always make daily improvements to acknowledge our transparency and honesty policies. In this way, we show to which extent we have achieved our commitments.

Understanding the needs of our employees is critical to achieve any CSR strategy. As seen in this report, we consider our employees the main prescribers of the company, if we fail to meet their expectations, it will be very difficult to be credible with other stakeholders. Therefore, the performance of this set of commitments acquires great relevance for us.

1. Talent Management Programme in CIO.

1. The establishment of a fluid dialogue channel not only enable employees to meet their needs and expectations, it will allow us to better manage the talent that we have and it is essential for the development of CIO. To do this, we will work to establish a specific program.

2. Improving labor conciliation with specific protocols.

Even though in CIO we have been working on the conciliation between work and life, we have focused on creating specific protocols to improve these procedures in order to achieve better levels of satisfaction.

3. Establish communication protocols between employeesbusinesses, identifying and defining channels and managers.

Every impulse to strengthen communication with our employees is territory gained in achieving a better understanding of their needs. This is why, we will work hard in identifying the most appropriate channels and resources.

4. Periodic analysis of the working environment and action taking.

While it is true that this type of analysis is already built into our processes, we are aware that we need to improve on this: we need tools that facilitate effective performance monitoring in order to be able to track, correct and analyze the evolution.

5. Analyzing and improving prevention results.

This aspect is mandatory and basic to our company, which is why this is a priority, especially given our desire to be sector leaders when it comes to Social Responsibility.