Commitments to
our customers

Our aim is to always make daily improvements to acknowledge our transparency and honesty policies. In this way, we show to which extent we have achieved our commitments.


Together with our employees, they are the main prescribers of the values of our company. In fact, it’s in our corporate DNA as one of our core company values. If their opinion is contrary to what we propose in our principles, we’re doing something wrong.

1. To better understand our customers’ expectations, so we can more effectively satisfy their needs.

It is an essential commitment. It is our reason for being and it is what we work towards every day. It is prominent among our corporate values and, by not fulfilling it, we would be betraying the promise we make through our products and services.

2. Strengthening communication channels with customers.

These ties will allow us to establish a more effective and fluid dialogue with our customers in order to better understand their needs and expectations, not only in reference to their satisfaction with the products and services we offer, but also with the social responsibility plan we are proposing.