Commitments to
the Local Community

Our aim is to always make daily improvements to acknowledge our transparency and honesty policies. In this way, we show to which extent we have achieved our commitments.


Social action is implicit in our corporate culture; it has been one of the areas with the most history within our CR actions. Historically, CIO has shown its willingness to develop its activities in socially responsible scenarios. Nevertheless, and being aware of the efforts made so far in the social actions chapter, we want to continue to improve in this endeavour, for which we have set the following commitments:

1. Increase our social action projects.

2. Defining policy and a social action program in line with our CR goals.

lanning for future social action is a vital part in our CR strategy. Its relevance requires us to develop a program that describes a set of actions, with the managers responsible and deadlines, and which takes into account the circumstances the company is under.

3. Define a program that monitors the results of the actions taken.

It is necessary to have a procedure for monitoring and evaluation that allows us to make decisions that result in the improvement and optimization of the resources we spend on social projects.