Commitments to
our environment

Our aim is to always make daily improvements to acknowledge our transparency and honesty policies. In this way, we show to which extent we have achieved our commitments.


As mentioned, Grupo CIO is deeply identified with the respect for the environment. To minimize the impact of our activities, we assume a number of commitments to the environment. These start with identifying and evaluating the environmental aspects in each of our businesses, plan actions which will reduce potential impacts, provide them with resources and evaluating them, as well as working with suppliers who are aligned with our goals. All under the umbrella of an environmental policy of Grupo CIO, who shared our responsibility and the principles of sustainable development.

1. Improving environmental management and the fight against climate change through the design of an environmental policy of the company.

The definition of an environmental policy signifies your agreement to the pledges at the highest managerial level, explicitly expressing the intentions and actions to be taken with regards to the environment and in particular, the commitment to meet all regulatory requirements, to develop an constant improvement and to use the necessary resources, when it is economically viable.

2. Identification and assessment of the environmental aspects most relevant to each of the companies within the group.

We base this point in the implementation of a tool that allows us to objectively identify and evaluate the activities, products or services that may lead to environmental impacts and repercussions. It is the foundation of any plan of action and a fundamental part of the environmental management of our company.

3. Each of our businesses should have a plan of action and environmental internal audits.

The action plan of each company will set the roadmap and the audit plan is the tool, which will allow for continuous improvement.

4. Initiatives to mitigate environmental impacts.

We will work to identify those initiatives of interest with whom we can collaborate and work together to help us mitigate our environmental impact or improve our environment, and extend these to the other companies in the group.

5. Environmental assessment of suppliers.

It is important to involve suppliers and subcontractors in meeting our environmental requirements. As already mentioned, the level of demand from our suppliers must be based on the environmental interaction of its activities.