Commitments to
our suppliers

During a year of inherent transparency to Corporate Responsibility we show again to which extent we consider to have achieved our commitments whilst being honest with ourselves.


The assurances with our suppliers are based on allocation practices that seek mutual interest and transparency, and to promote among them the principles underlying CIO’s search of responsible behavior within our social and environmental surroundings.

1. Code of conduct for suppliers.

With the creation of a code of conduct, we ensure that our suppliers will exercise, in their business activity, respect for a series of fundamental principles. Principles which we comply with and we expect others to comply, and which have to be present between our suppliers and their environment, having particular importance for us employees, raw materials and the environment.

2. Environmental assessment of suppliers.

In the future, the result of an environmental assessment of our suppliers must provide a criterion for preference for those, which with equal conditions objectively demonstrate a higher commitment to the environment. CIO providers must comply with environmental legislation. The level of demand for our suppliers must be based on the environmental interaction of its activities.