CR Strategy

As mentioned above, Grupo CIO Corporate Responsibility strategy has a very clear first step: informing. This does not entail anything other than communicating what CIO Compañía de las Islas Occidentales commitment is to sustainability and explaining it to our community.

Therefore, at the same time we are communicating this, we are publicly declaring a set of commitments that will ultimately draw up Grupo CIO roadmap, guiding us to achieve these commitments through a concrete set of actions. From there, it will be our interest groups who will be periodically evaluating us and verifying that we do not deviate from the appropriate path.

We are aware that this road we have chosen will only be able to be travelled if we provide the necessary human, technical and financial resources. Based on this, this report also includes the commitments assumed in 2017 as well as the challenges proposed for 2018, classified according to the interest groups targeted and the degree of performance achieved during this past year.

SATISFACTORY: si el resultado del análisis corresponde con la tendencia deseada, encontrándose evidencias de la realización sistemática de actuaciones ligadas al sentido de la línea estratégica/acción.
IMPROVABLE: if the result of the analysis does not show a clear trend, but specific evidence of the existence of actions can be found.
UNSATISFACTORY: if the result of the analysis does not correspond with the desired tendency, there is no evidence, or these are anecdotal, on actions related to the sense of strategy/action line.

In addition we have classified them according to the development achieved in each of our businesses, which are represented by their logo: