Actions 2020

The pandemic originated significant inactivity periods in different business sectors. As a result, it has considerably reduced our performance capability. However, we now describe the actions that we have taken and the new challenges that we put us as a result of our renewed enthusiasm. Once again, none of the taken steps would have been possible without the driving force of this company: each and every staff member.

SDG Workforce actions
For the 23rd consecutive year, we have renewed our partnership with the project “What can be done with €1?” This initiative is for the benefit of the NGO Ayuda en Acción (Help in Action) to continue sponsoring 40 children of different countries. We also continue to collaborate with the improvement of school infrastructures in Bombe-Ethiopia.
ODS10ODS12ODS17 We continue with the initiative ‘DesTapa tu lado solidario’, a solidarity action to collect plastic caps among all CIO staff and at the Fuentealta points of sale. Grupo CIO has signed an agreement with the foundation “Fundación SEUR” to support the project “plastic caps for a new life” aimed at children in need of medical treatment.
ODS8ODS10ODS17 We keep our agreements with companies that hire staff with functional diversity and labour insertion difficulties.
ODS10ODS17 From the ten vouchers for two nights’ stay with breakfast, we have delivered two vouchers to ten NGOs to raise funds during charity events to combat the impact of Covid-19.
ODS4ODS8ODS17 We continue supporting the Caritas project to promote labour insertion. Janitor placement.
ODS1ODS2 When the lockdown started, we donated non-perishable food to our hotel staff and to the Parish of Adeje.
ODS1ODS10ODS11ODS17 Likewise, we donated 60,000 litres of water to more than 30 NGOs and food banks during the lockdown caused by Covid-19.