Challenges 2021
The Environment

The pandemic originated significant inactivity periods in different business sectors. As a result, it has considerably reduced our performance capability. However, we now describe the actions that we have taken and the new challenges that we put us as a result of our renewed enthusiasm. Once again, none of the taken steps would have been possible without the driving force of this company: each and every staff member.

SDG Challenges
ODS2ODS12 We continue cultivating vegetables and fruit trees, medicinal and aromatic plants, based on organic farming criteria.
ODS12 We continue composting for our own garden use.
ODS2ODS3ODS12 We continue to include organic products as part of our gastronomic offer.
We keep offering our various departments environmental training courses conducted by our environmental expert.
ODS7ODS12ODS13 Seal registration of our carbon footprint (“Calculation, reduction, compensation”) at the Spanish Office for Climate Change (Ministry of Environment).
ODS6ODS12 Potential carbon sink calculations for our hotel’s garden areas.
ODS7ODS12ODS13 Update of energy audit and implementation of Energy Efficiency Action Plan.
ODS12 Implementation of a strategy to reduce and eliminate single-use plastics.
ODS7ODS12ODS13 Improved measures to reduce LPG and electricity consumption.
ODS6ODS12 Reduction of ecotoxicity levels in wastewater emissions.
ODS12 Implementation of procedures to partially or totally eliminate paper from administrative tasks.
ODS12 We have increased recyclable waste volume through a separate collection of packaging, plastics and paper.
ODS11ODS15 We continue promoting sustainable habits among our employees.
ODS12 We continue replacing dwelling windows panes with double glazing.
ODS7ODS12ODS13 We continue replacing standard lamps with LED bulbs in our buildings and Las Torres facilities.
ODS13 Replacement of oil paints with environmentally friendly acrylic paints.
OD11ODS12ODS13 Use of Eco fuel in company vehicles.
ODS11 We have introduced a code of conduct and environmental assessment for suppliers.
ODS12ODS13 We continue reducing energy consumption through presence sensors.
ODS12 Renewal of energy and electricity saving measures in the server room.
ODS11ODS13 Assessment about the company’s environmental impact and implementation of indicators for its monitoring and control.
ODS12ODS13 Progressive and partial shift to promote the use of recycled paper.
ODS11ODS15 Development, design and implementation of a decalogue of good environmental practices called ‘’Small environmental gestures’.
ODS12 Review of waste management procedures for their updating and improvement.
ODS7ODS11ODS12ODS13 Study and proposal to install car-charging stations in the Torres facilities.
ODS15ODS17 Collaboration agreements with NGOs for the protection and conservation of fauna.
ODS7ODS11ODS12ODS13 Energy efficiency improvement in rooms.
ODS9ODS11ODS12ODS13ODS15 We have expanded the separate collection of further waste products in line with the circular economy strategy by reducing the environmental impact of their disposal.
ODS11ODS12ODS13ODS15 Implementation of a selective collection of cardboard through the municipal door-to-door service.
ODS11ODS12ODS13ODS15ODS17 We support tenant companies located in our facilities by providing the material means to adhere to a selective collection of plastic and containers.
ODS13ODS14ODS15ODS17 We continue supporting the EcoOcéanos Association, donating the cost of our public liability insurance so that it can carry on with actions to clean up the coastline and seabed.
ODS7ODS11ODS12ODS17 Alliance between tourist companies through the Ashotel initiative aimed at reducing the carbon footprint and improving waste recovery. Initiative financed with European funds to promote our sustainability.
ODS12ODS15ODS17 Sponsorship of beehives to promote their conservation and disseminate the importance of these insects in nature. The honey from these hives shall be served to our hotel clients.
ODS11ODS12ODS13 Commitment to package in water bottles made from 100% recycled plastic in 50-litre and 1.5-litre formats.