Challenges 2021

The pandemic originated significant inactivity periods in different business sectors. As a result, it has considerably reduced our performance capability. However, we now describe the actions that we have taken and the new challenges that we put us as a result of our renewed enthusiasm. Once again, none of the taken steps would have been possible without the driving force of this company: each and every staff member.

SDG Challenges
For the 24th consecutive year, we have renewed our partnership with the project “What can be done with €1?” It is for the benefit of the NGO Ayuda en Acción (Help in Action) to continue sponsoring 40 children of different countries.
ODS11ODS12 We keep on supporting our community by purchasing locally produced food products.
ODS1ODS2ODS4ODS8ODS10ODS12ODS17 We continue supporting the Caritas project ‘Buscándome las Habichuelas’ (Earning my daily bread) for the training and labour insertion of people at risk of social exclusion through the purchase of organic agricultural products for our hotel’s restaurants.
ODS8ODS10ODS17 We continue offering articles manufactured by the NGOs Down Tenerife and FUNCASOR at our hotel’s drug stores and allocate 100% of their sales profits to those NGOs.
ODS10ODS17 We collaborate with the project “Tejer Porvenir” (Weave the Future) fostered by the regional development company Sociedad de Desarrollo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife. During this edition, we collaborated with funds, donated 22 rolls of fabric and water bottles. The project is aimed at training and insertion of people at risk of labour exclusion.
ODS1ODS10ODS12 Sale of fair trade items in the hotel’s drug stores.
ODS1ODS2ODS17 We continue donating non-perishable food to the Cruz Blanca brotherhood.
ODS17 We continue offering regular talks on “Canarias Radio” and provide useful information on public safety.
ODS10ODS12ODS17 We continue donating bed and bath linen to various NGOs.
ODS10ODS12ODS17 We continue with the initiative ‘DesTapa tu lado solidario’, a solidarity action to collect plastic caps among all CIO staff and at the Fuentealta points of sale. Grupo CIO will sign this year an agreement with the foundation “Fundación SEUR” to support the project “plastic caps for a new life”, aimed at covering needs of children in medical treatment.
ODS10ODS12ODS17 We continue supporting the Caritas campaign and collect used prescription glasses and sunglasses for people without resources.
ODS10ODS12ODS17 We continue recovering metal waste for its sale and allocate the profits to different Corporate Responsibility projects.
ODS16ODS17 We continue implementing the necessary logistics to implement the “Amber alert”, a system to notify missing children.
ODS8ODS10 We involve our staff in humanitarian aid days offered by CIO Group at a general level.
ODS3ODS17 We support women’s and men’s sports teams by distributing water.
ODS3ODS10ODS17 We continue collaborating with several NGOs through water distribution.
ODS3ODS10ODS17 For the seventh consecutive year, we have renewed our agreement with the foundation “Fundación Canaria Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma”.
ODS11ODS17 We continue collaborating with associations, NGOs and entities selected by the CIO Group’s Corporate Responsibility management.
ODS8ODS10ODS13ODS14ODS16ODS17 Annual cleaning of the coastline organised in collaboration with EcoOcéanos to promote the inclusion, training and leisure of people with functional diversity.
ODS1ODS2ODS3ODS5ODS8ODS10ODS16ODS17 Partnership agreement with the municipal council of Adeje to develop initiatives that help social sectors particularly affected by COVID-19.
ODS17 A partnership of our company Record Servicios Generales with the municipal council of Adeje by offering life-saving practices (training workshops combined with work).
ODS4ODS8ODS17 We continue supporting the Caritas project to promote labour insertion. Traineeships in the cleaning company Record Limpieza.
ODS4ODS17 Collaboration with the secondary education and high school ‘Virgen de la Candelaria’. Talk on Industrial Laundry to 1st and 2nd year students of Accommodation and Laundry vocational training.
ODS3ODS10ODS11ODS13ODS15ODS17 We invited CIO staff to carry out online corporate volunteering, in collaboration with the Volunteering Office of Tenerife Island Council.
ODS3ODS10ODS17 Collaboration with the Congress on Autism organised by APANATE.
ODS3ODS10ODS17 Collaboration with this year’s Sports Challenge promoted by the association “Activoz”.
ODS3ODS17 Collaboration during the summer season with the autism association ‘Mi Lado Azul’ (south of Tenerife) to support families.