Actions 2019
The Environment

These shows the results achieved during the period prior to COVID-19. None of the steps taken and which are shown below, would have been possible without the engine room of our company: our staff.

SDG Workforce actions
Grupo CIO has avoided the emission into the atmosphere of more than 50 tonnes of CO2 as a result of all actions carried out in managing its waste production and fostering the circular economy model.
Fuentealta is the first mineral water producer of the Canary Islands that uses 25% of recycled material to manufacture its packaging, thus anticipating the environmental obligations laid down by Europe to be implemented until 2025.
Reduction to 4.8% of the total water consumption from municipal supply, thanks to water production from our own desalination plants.
ODS2ODS12 We keep on cultivating vegetables and fruit trees, medicinal and aromatic plants following organic farming criteria.
ODS12 We continue composting our trimming material for own gardening purposes.
ODS15 We continue offering our guests guided visit through our hotel gardens.
ODS2ODS3ODS12 We keep on including organic products as part of our gastronomic offer
Renewal of the Biosphere and Travelife labels.
ODS12 Implementation of the Press Reader application to offer our customers digital newspapers and magazines to reduce the paper use in the press service.
ODS11ODS12ODS13 Carbon footprint calculation for 2017 and 2018, based on ISO 14064:2012 methodology, which is currently being verified to publish the GHG emissions report.
ODS11ODS12ODS13ODS17 For the ninth consecutive year, we took part in the Earth Hour, a global activity promoted and conceived by the World Wildelife Fund (WWF)
ODS9ODS11ODS12ODS13 We have implemented and improved our customer waste management, incorporating selective waste bins in the rooms differentiated by colours, text and icon labels according to the waste fraction.
ODS12 We have improved our paper consumption control by implementing tablets to register entries.
ODS7ODS12ODS13 We keep on progressively replacing halogen lights with LED bulbs in villas and their offices.
Launch of environmental training for different departments given by the Grupo CIO’s environmental expert
ODS12ODS13 We continue improving and implementing waste management to promote paper recycling.
ODS11ODS17 Active participation in the Tourism Sustainability Working Group created by Ashotel
Progressive replacement of digital scales with mechanical personal scales to stop using batteries.
ODS7ODS12ODS13 Installation of IP cameras to reduce electricity consumption.
Third edition of Grupo CIO Environmental Championship: winners receive a cash reward in their payroll.
ODS11ODS15 We continue promoting sustainable habits among staff members.
ODS12 We keep on replacing dwelling windows panes by double glazing.
ODS7ODS12ODS13 We keep on replacing standard lamps by LED bulbs in our buildings and in Las Torres facilities.
ODS12ODS17 Distribution of pallets donated by tenant companies to encourage recycling and furniture creation.
ODS6ODS11 Environmental improvement of Las Torres sanitation network and consequent conservation of the natural environment.
ODS12ODS13 We continue improving energy consumption thanks to the presence sensors installed in our headquarters.
ODS12ODS13 Recovery of paper waste by implementing customised waste-paper baskets for its collection. Subsequent treatment by an authorised manager for its final recycling by paper mills.
ODS12ODS13 We keep on implementing energy efficiency improvement measures with the consequent reduction of energy consumption.
ODS14ODS17 We continue sponsoring the EcoOcéanos programme aimed at cleaning up the coast and seabed of Tenerife, during which more than 3,500 kg waste were collected.
ODS14ODS17 Collaboration with the foundation The Ocean Cleanup to remove plastic waste from oceans.
ODS11ODS17 Collaboration with the sustainability contest organised by the Island Council and the Tourism Board of Tenerife; as a prize we offered a free stay for two people in a double room with breakfast buffet.
ODS7ODS12 Replacement of outdoor lighting with more energy-efficient LEDs in hotel’s leisure areas.
ODS7ODS9 Improvement of our swimming pool with a new pumping and filtration systems, thus achieving a better energy efficiency.
ODS7ODS9 Photovoltaic canopy installation in outdoor customer car park for self-consumption with recharging point.
We implemented an environmental management system to obtain the ISO 14001 Standard certification and fulfil the EMAS Regulation.
We collaborated with the Chemical Engineering Department of La Laguna University; research and feasibility study to produce biogas from self-generated waste for self-consumption purposes in the hotel sector.
ODS7ODS11ODS17 The laundry service Record Lavandería and the real estate group Grupo Inmobiliario de las Islas Occidentales collaborate with the Cooperation Project “City 2020” of the municipal council La Laguna by carrying out energy audits in their facilities with the aim of sharing good practices in energy efficiency with other geographical regions such as Azores, Cape Verde and Senegal.
ODS12ODS13 Reduction and elimination in staff canteens of single-use plastics such as plastic cups, which has prevented the emission into the atmosphere of more than 12 tonnes of CO2 from their production and transport.
ODS11ODS12ODS13 Selective collection of packaging and plastic waste in each of the group companies; a total of 4.7 tonnes have been collected, thus helping to avoid 5.18 tonnes of CO2 emission into the atmosphere, 20.05 Mwh reduction of energy consumption and a water saving of 65.66 m3
Participation in the sustainable mobility project fostered by Ashotel.
ODS11ODS12ODS13ODS17 Toner and ink collection in all group companies by joining the Tragatoner service.
All Grupo CIO companies collaborate with the project “plastic caps for a new life” fostered by the foundation “Fundación SEUR” to help children with serious health problems to smile again.
ODS15ODS17 Action with hotel guests to prevent and protect shearwaters through the campaign “Cory’s shearwater 2019” organised by the association Rumbo ZIDAY.