Actions 2019

These shows the results achieved during the period prior to COVID-19. None of the steps taken and which are shown below, would have been possible without the engine room of our company: our staff.

SDG Workforce actions
ODS8 We keep on giving our staff members birthday greetings and a present on their birthdays.
ODS8 We sustain our initiative to acknowledge employees who received higher ratings by customers and the company.
ODS8 We extend congratulations on births and condolences on deaths of family members of our staff.
ODS3ODS8 We keep offering our staff special prices for purchasing Fuentealta water.
ODS3ODS8 Fuentealta keeps offering several free places to participate in the Vilaflor Trail competition.
ODS3ODS8ODS11 We continue offering hotel employees an exclusive bicycle parking within the facilities.
ODS8 Employee discounts for purchasing products in our hotel’s drug-stores.
ODS8ODS10 Implementation of staff training in childcare and child protection.
ODS8 We celebrate once more a Christmas party for children of our staff.
ODS8 We keep on recognising those employees who have worked 10 years for the company.
ODS4ODS8 Ongoing training programme for the Grupo CIO employees.
ODS8 New edition of the introductory training programme aimed at new staff to make their adaptation to the organisation easier
ODS8 We continue assessing our permanent staff performance.
ODS8 New edition of our survey on work environment.
ODS8 Renewal of special accommodation rates for family members and friends of our staff to stay at Hotel Bahía del Duque
ODS8 We offer our staff special car rental prices
ODS8 We continue broadcasting our channel #SomosCIO in all screens installed in our rest areas Our goal is to connect all CIO family members by delivering corporate, leisure, social and environmental information.
ODS8 We keep the space ‘Our corner’, a rest area where all Hotel staff members shall feel at home.
ODS4ODS8 Granting of the scholarship “Beca Duqui”, a financial allowance for university studies aimed at a child of a staff member.
Third edition of Grupo CIO Environmental Championship, winners receive a cash reward in their payroll.
ODS8 We recognise those employees who have worked 25 years for the company
ODS8 Recognition “Grupo Record: Employee of the Quarter”
ODS8 Implementation of a personalised attention service with the incorporation of a Human Resources technician in the offices twice a week.
ODS4ODS8 Development of the training plan adapted to the needs of each job.
ODS8 Creation of a working environment and implementation of an action plan based on results.
ODS3ODS4ODS8 Training in health matters and occupational risks.
ODS8 We keep measures to promote work-life balance.
ODS8 We keep offering our staff discounts at Comercial Atlántico.
ODS8 We keep offering our staff discounts at Disa petrol stations
ODS8 Holding of the 8th Grupo CIO Managers’ Convention for the integration in the organisation: a working day with a coach for thirty CIO managers.
ODS8ODS10 We keep on recruiting staff with functional diversity.
ODS3ODS4ODS8 We continue disseminating among all our staff the monthly newsletter Solidarity, published by the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) as information tool for prevention.
ODS8 We continue holding an open air team building activity for leisure and sport purposes during Christmas holidays.
ODS8 We continue recognising the employee of the quarter.
ODS4ODS8ODS10 We continue offering a placement programme in our HR department for people at risk of social exclusion.
ODS8ODS10 We continue offering labour insertion to young people in social exclusion.
ODS8ODS10ODS17 Renewal of partnership on counselling, common action with associations that help and relocate people at risk of social exclusion.
ODS8 We offer Grupo CIO staff discounts at the Vincci Hotels chain.
ODS3ODS8 Renewal of the ISO 9001:2015 quality management certificate with a positive impact on improvements and comfort in working environment.
ODS3ODS8 Preparation and implementation of a specific COVID-19 contingency plan for our establishment with higher coverage and requirements in terms of prevention, hygiene and safety measures to improve health security of our staff, in addition to what is established and recommended for the sector by the ICTE protocol.
ODS3ODS8 Training plan for our staff according to our own specific action protocols against COVID-19.