Actions 2019

These shows the results achieved during the period prior to COVID-19. None of the steps taken and which are shown below, would have been possible without the engine room of our company: our staff.

SDG Workforce actions
For the 23rd consecutive year, we have renewed our partnership with the project “What can be done with €1?” for the benefit of the NGO Help in Action to continue sponsoring 40 children in 9 countries. Likewise, we continue collaborating to improve school infrastructure in Bombe-Ethiopia.
ODS10ODS12ODS15ODS17 We keep on donating 750 kg bed and bath linen to animal protection associations like Wildfair, FECAPAP (Canary Islands federation of animal protection associations) Valle Colino, ‘Sano y Salvo’ and Tierra Blanca.
ODS11ODS17 We keep on collaborating with “Canarias Radio” thus providing citizens useful information on public safety
ODS10ODS12ODS17 We continue supporting a Caritas campaign for people without resources and collect used eyeglasses and sunglasses.
We keep on supporting the Caritas project ‘Buscándome las Habichuelas’ (Earning my daily bread) for the training and labour insertion of people at risk of social exclusion through the purchase of organic agricultural products for our Hotel’s restaurants.
ODS2ODS17 We keep on donating non-perishable food to the Cruz Blanca brotherhood.
ODS2ODS17 We donate food to the soup kitchen association “La Buena Estrella”
ODS10ODS12ODS17 We donate household to the Special Education Centre “Hermano Pedro”.
For the third consecutive year, seven of the best cousin experts of Bahía del Duque conduct the Gastronomic Masterclass “SaboreAñaza”. They deliver 67 volunteering hours aimed at students from the training project Formación en Cocina de Añaza (FOCA) and Fundación Canaria Buen Samaritano de Añaza Por sus Jóvenes (APJ). Participation certificates for FOCA students and teachers and wrap-up with a lunch offered at the environmental Añaza area to elderly who are cared for by the Fundación Canaria Buen Samaritano.
ODS10ODS12ODS17 We continue with the initiative ‘DesTapa tu lado solidario’ (show your solidarity side), a solidarity action to collect plastic bottle caps among all CIO staff and at the Fuentealta points of sale. This year Grupo CIO has signed an agreement with the foundation “Fundación SEUR” to support the project “plastic caps for a new life” aimed at children in need of medical treatment.
ODS10ODS12 Celebration of the 8th and 9th solidarity street market offering replaced furniture and household. Takings for a social action.
ODS11ODS17 We continue implementing the necessary logistics to launch the “Amber alert”, a system to notify missing children.
ODS2ODS11ODS12 Continued support to the community with the purchase of locally produced food products.
ODS10ODS17 We keep on offering articles manufactured by the NGOs Down Tenerife and FUNCASOR at our hotel’s drug-stores and 100% of the takings are allocated to those NGOs.
ODS10ODS12 Sale of Fair Trade items in the hotel’s drug-stores.
ODS10ODS12 We keep on recovering metal waste for its sale and allocate the profits to different corporate responsibility projects.
ODS8ODS10ODS17 We keep our agreements with companies that recruit employees with functional diversity and integration difficulties in the labour market.
ODS3ODS11ODS17 Donation of €24,000 distributed among 168 actions to foster healthy life habits, sport activities, solidarity initiatives and in general terms, a rather sustainable attitude through the donation of 160,594 l of water
ODS3ODS10ODS17 Renewal of our agreement with the foundation “Fundación Canaria Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma”
ODS8ODS11ODS17 During the 9th International Week of Corporate Volunteering Activities Grupo CIO collaborated and crystallised our alliances with Ámate, La alegría de la huerta, Finca Berta, Justicia y Paz, Atelsam and Más que dos. Thirteen volunteers from our companies took part during this week by volunteering 50 hours.
ODS10ODS17 Collaboration with the project ‘iPads for inclusion’ fostered by the foundation “Fundación Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma”
ODS10ODS14ODS17 Annual coastline cleaning in Poris de Abona, organised in collaboration with Eco-Océanos, with the participation of the association Atelsam and the ward foundation Fundación Tutelar Sonsoles Soriano.
ODS10ODS17 Delivery of 10 accommodation vouchers to 10 NGOs including two nights with breakfast to collect funds during their charity events.
ODS10ODS12ODS17 Donation of replaced curtains to Nuevo Futuro, the care association Nahia and Caritas.
ODS10ODS17 Transport donation for users with functional diversity from the centre el Mojón to participate in one of their cultural events.
ODS12ODS17 Furniture donation to the neonatal unit of the university hospital Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria.
ODS10ODS12ODS17 Shoe-ware and reflective vests’ donation for the project “Te veré por África” (See you in Africa) of Azimut 28R – Voluntarios 4X4, with the aim of covering basic safety needs and school material for several Moroccan Atlas communities.
ODS10ODS17 Donation of replaced curtains to several ward foundations for disabled persons.
ODS10ODS17 Cash donation for the challenge Santiago 113 promoted by Activoz association to empower people through sports by walking 113 km along the St James Way.
ODS10ODS17 Donation for DownLibre21 to collaborate with the organisation and celebration of their Inclusive Education Days.
Donation of 71 thread rolls for the Gambian project Fandema to foster training improvement for women.
ODS10ODS17 Donation of 100 bathrobes and 1 km upholstery fabric to the Special Education Centre Hermano Pedro.
ODS4ODS17 Donation to subsidise Children’s Gospel Choir teachers of the foundation Fundación Canaria el Buen Samaritano.
ODS10ODS17 We collaborate with the project Tejer Porvenir” (Weave the Future) fostered by the regional development company Sociedad de Desarrollo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife This year we contributed with funds, donated 22 rolls of fabric and water bottles. The goal: training and labour insertion of people at risk of social exclusion.
ODS10ODS11ODS17 We collaborate with the project CONvive TACO that fosters coexistence and embellishment of districts. We offer paint, catering and one of our industrial warehouses’ walls to be painted. We also collaborate with their summer district workshops.
ODS10ODS17 Cash donation to support the annual work delivered by the ward foundation Fundación Tutelar Sonsoles Soriano.
ODS10ODS17 Cash donation to ALDIS for their annual work to improve life of children with autism. Fuentealta donates water for the centre.
ODS10ODS14ODS15ODS17 Annual cleaning of the coastline of Poris de Abona, organised in collaboration with EcoOcéanos to promote the inclusion, training and leisure of people with functional diversity. This year we invited users of the ward foundation Fundación Tutelar Sonsoles Soriano and of ATELSAM
ODS10ODS11ODS17 Donation of clothes and fashion accessories from our shop inventory for the Caritas Project El Ropero to dignify their social assistance. We donated around 500 pieces with a value of €37,000.
ODS4ODS8ODS10ODS17 Implementation in collaboration with the NGO Apanate of a 2-month placement programme in our HR department for a person with autistic spectrum disorder who was taking higher education.